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    Jump Around Gymnastics offers classes for a variety of ages and skill levels. We have Preschool programs that help develop motor skills and foster cognitive developments, Recreational programs for key skill development, and Team programs for those interested in competitive gymnastics.


    18 Months – 4 Years

    Our Preschool Program is focused on development of coordination and strength across three age groups.

    Parent/Tot class is teacher-guided with the aid of a caregiver. Children, walking to 3 years old, participate in circuits and follow a gymnastics curriculum that helps build coordination, strength, and fine and gross motor skills. In addition to the physical activities, there is also special attention put towards cognitive and social developments.

    Grasshoppers is an independent class for 3 year olds. Structured circuits help students develop and hone basic gymnastics skills, while continuing to build body awareness, coordination and motor skills. As with all classes, gymnastics is used as a tool to teach other skills such as safety, resilience, patience, taking turns and self-confidence.

    Kangaroos class is for 4 year olds. Gymnastics stations are introduced to provide immediate repetition of the same skill. This class focuses on developing proficiency of more complex gymnastics skills such as rolls, handstands and cartwheels.


    5+ Years

    Our Recreational Program is for students ages 5 and up, and is designed to facilitate growth through milestone skills.

    Classes are divided into multiple levels based on milestone skills that are taught on a continuum. Assessments are conducted each session to ensure each athlete is safe and challenged appropriately. The curriculum has a balance of fun, excitement, and skill development, with the end goal of ensuring a positive experience.

    Example Skills By Level

    1. Handstand, cartwheel, backward roll
    2. Front handspring, round-off, lunge, handstand to flatback
    3. Back hip circle, handstand to bridge, round-off, rebound, backward roll
    4. Tick tock, back handspring, front handspring
    5. Front handspring, round-off, back handspring, kip


    Our Team Program is for gymnasts interested in training multiple days per week and making a year round commitment.

    The Competitive Team Program offers year round training with an emphasis on form and technique. Gymnasts train multiple days per week in preparation for state, regional, and national level competition.

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